Azealia Banks

Coffee and I have a rather strange relationship. After four years of drinking it one would think that one would be just a little immune to its effects.
I wish…
Somehow I always seem to end up thinking I am some sort of booty shaking, potty mouthed, female rapper that will eventually dominate mankind. Post which I giggle and start vibrating.
I’m not sure if this is in anyway good for me but it does get me hooked onto some pretty interesting music.
My new caffeine fix is Azealia Banks. Already named the voice of 2012 this little thing is a riot. Do not be fooled by the braids and sloppy minnie mouse sweater under that cute little exterior she has all the bad ass, bitch qualities that we look for in female rappers.

If coffee does the same thing to you then you will probably end up attempting her dance moves against a wall but I think it should be just fine.




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