Kanye West

I am going to stop convincing people Kanye is a true artist because the video for Lost in the world has finally seen the light of day.
Kanye’s epic ‘My dark twisted fantasy’ is something that will always hold a place high on my list and this video just proves his creative genius. Stylish, suave, gritty and all things drool worthy; this will erase any doubts you had earlier. Ruth Hogben, the filmmaker has outdone herself this time. Her visual style getting wilder and more stark than her usual work for Lady Gaga and all things M.A.C. This doesn’t however take anything away from the fact that this video is just oozing class.

I have a feeling this album will be on loop for a while now, my apologies to all those around me. What a fantastic start to an already perfect day!

Kanye West presents lost in the world, enjoy.


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