Duets 2

Sunday evenings call for a bit of retro flair. A well poured glass of wine, some dinner and of course Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga singing The Lady is a Tramp.

It’s so refreshing to watch someone so bizarre pull something so stylish and nostalgic of so beautifully. Being Lady Gaga of course we must do all of this with blue hair. There are moments where I am guilty of believing that pop stars can’t actually sing but Lady Gaga gets me every time. Somewhere inside all that zany you have the rich, old fashioned vocals that can charm your socks off. Pair her up with Tony Bennett and you get a beautiful song and a fantastic video.



  1. I believe it to be a fact that upwards of 90% of pop stars can’t sing (or do anything else that I would see as even remotely entertaining or involves a unique talent). But miss Gaga can sing (fact) and this duet is a win.

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