Best Youth

Stumbling on Arlots post on Karen Marie Ørsted today has left me with a song in my head that I fear will not leave for a while now. I was going to steal his post and Re blog it but I happened to stumble on another band in the process.

Best Youth is a Portuguese Duo that has recently stumbled onto the Indie scene. Unfortunately I couldn’t really find much about the band except a bunch of fantastic live sessions and an interview. What I also found was their EP waterlies that you can download here for free. If you like the Elysian Fields and The Kills this band will be straight up your alley. You have to let their sound grow on you and when they do it gets comfortable. The album is cohesive and put together beautifully. Some of the live sessions however are nicer than the album tracks. My favourite by far is the Live version of Honey Trap at Estudio do Bandido. Here’s to hoping they will keep at it I’m excited                    to see more!


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