After years of sheepishly walking into music stores across India asking if they have “the loopy machine thingy” a friend introduced me to Loopy. Since I now have a borrowed iPhone I decided to give it a shot only to realise that I had stumbled upon the greatest invention of all time since sea salt infused dark chocolate.

This Beautifully designed app allows even the Lowest of tech cretins to create tracks. If you aren’t the tutorial type its hands on approach allows you to discover things as you go (mine were all made though accidental swipes and excited jabbing.) For just $2.99 (7.99 for the universal version) you have your one man band/studio all in the palm of your hand. With artists like Dub FX promoting this app you realise the potential and power of this simply and thoughtfully designed app. The host of featured artists on their website gives you a huge amount of inspiration as to how you can use the app to your advantage. You can check them out here. Until then I leave you with one of my favourites: Malika Tirolien, a Jazz and R&B singer getting her groove on with patience. Enjoy



  1. I love her! And will now try the app…I havent had the courage to make music but now that I can do it alone with my iPhone I think I might give it a try…maybe! 😛

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