I stumbled on Ofrin in one of my endless trawls through the Berlin Sessions archives. Her flaming red hair and lazy jazz voice instantly hit the spot. The minimal sound, left of center beats and warm vocals bordering on slightly off key give their sound just the edge it needs to keep you interested.

I’m not sure if this makes any sense but theis kind of music fits perfectly when you’re in a city, or some sort of urban environment. It sort of makes you want to grab your headphones, find a balcony and watch the night take over.

The eclectic Ofri Brin, began her illustrious journey into the scene at a very young age. Starting in her home town in Israel at the age of 14 all the way to Berlin where she collaborated with composer Oded K.dar to form Ofrin. It always breaks my heart to know that a band I love decides to go their separate ways but I am a little excited to see what Ofri does on her own.

The first video is the song “How come”. Performed live at the release of their album On Shore Remain. The second is called Tango, one of my favourites. It’s more stripped down and raw. Sometimes the imperfection of it all is what makes a song. The third, is the song Blankets performed live for the Berlin Sessions. Since I discovered them with this song I thought it was only fair to put it in; Besides it holds a soft spot in my heart. Enjoy.



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