Hanging On

Probably one of the only reality tv shows I follow religiously is So You Think You Can Dance. Apart from the fantastic dancing its an interesting insight into how the choreographers, dancers and audience interpret music. Sometimes the dancing and music fit so beautifully with each other that try as you might every other visual perception of the song seems a little off.

I’m not sure if this post if this post is a tribute to choreographer Mia Michaels and her incredible musicality or just a fantastic example of interpreting music; either way its something I had to share. Her stark and almost painful choreography and Active child’s haunting melodies have found a way into my heart. Sometimes music needs a little push, be it visually or in this case through this piece to make it exceptional.

Of course having heard the song I had to check out the rest of the album though it didn’t make as much of an impact on me. Their first Album You’re all I See is cohesive and well rounded but the gospel like vocals and the over all orchestral quality to the music is a little bit overwhelming. If it makes any sense they remind me of an ethereal Bon Iver with a Nick Drake streak. You can check out a youtube playlist of all their best tracks here or download their album here. Until then we have the Mia Michaels routine and the original music video with Active Child singing Hanging On. Enjoy.


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