When you have two musicians, one from a math rock group and the other from an experimental, electronica collective get together to make music you are bound to have something interesting. This needn’t be a good thing though fortunately for us Aluna Francis and George Reid have embraced their sound to produce some phenomenal music.

Bordering on the slightly bizarre this glossy, bubblegum pop duo just gets better every time. Alunas high pitched childish vocals coupled with Georges skittish beats and eerie undertones take you on a weird musical journey like no other. With the groups debut EP You Know You Like It pretty much explains how I feel about them as a band. The lyrics “You know you like it but you’re scared of the shame” sums up our generations attitude towards pop and new found R&B. Their agenda, ‘to strip away the guilt from the guilty pleasure’ Judging by the fact that the song’s been stuck in my head for the past week they have achieved just that.

The incredibly stylish videos with all their left of center sound will leave you itching don something shiny and bust a move. If you are the impulsive sorts It would probably be best to listen to this at home and on your own lest you do something retarded (I’m speaking from experience here). Anyhow, without further ado, AlunaGeorge present You know you like it and their new single Your Drums Your love directed by non other than Henry Scholfield. Enjoy



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