Bertie Blackman

Bertie dropped onto the bench and took a swig of, what? Could have been whiskey, could have been juice. She’d peeled all the labels off a long time ago. Dusk. It was her favourite time: the orange eye of the sun, bored and falling fast, the empty streets, the smell of the dark winding round her legs. She curled her spine and pressed deeper into the wooden slats of the bench, like an attic ladder against her back. She settled in to watch. This was the time for shadow chasers, when hurt was in the air and the bins overflowed with silent hopes and crumpled dreams.

She fixed them with her unblinking eye and whispered I know where you’re hiding and I’m coming to get you.

The Mic Newman remix of the song Town of Sorrow lead to days of obsessive listening. After the heat died down it ocurred to me that I hadn’t actually listened to the original. It was as if someone slapped me awake and so it began, my journey into the twisted and beautiful world of all that is Bertie Blackman.

Picture a gothic mishmash of Siouxsie Sioux and Kate Bush. Light hearted one moment and hard hitting the next this dark horse keeps you on your toes.  Her sound borrows from a wide range of classical, electronic and indie influences leaving you heady for more. Pay attention and her lyrics give it the twisted edge it needs to take it one notch higher.

Since I owe it to the remix for finding her we have both versions of town of sorrow and another of my favorites: Boy from her album Pope Innocent X. The video to the latter being one of the most mind blowing I’ve seen in a while.



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