Video Gaga

For a little while every friday us Bangalore folk could head over to the Jaaga courtyard and watch a collection of new and interesting videos carefully chosen of the internet. Unfortunately the creator of Video Gaga (and this new and most awesome blog header) is off being fabulous in Cochin and until it finds a new home she has been kind enough to start a Facebook group that she will update regularly. A carefully crafted watchlist, for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re searching for inspiration, a wake up call, reprieve or simply to be entertained head over and you will not be disappointed.

You can join the group on facebook here but if you still need convincing (shame on you) Ria Rajan has sent me a little piece about the project:

In the age of information explosion, one of the ways to make sense of the madness, is collection and curation.Social media like twitter, facebook and further more, pin interest, 8tracks and the likes, act as our collective consciousness where individuals create their very own playlists, range of links, and filtered information, for the purpose of sharing.Video gaga is merely a thread in that large universe of data.

Yank it and you might just find a beautiful tapestry of amazingness unfurl in front of your eyes.


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