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Listening to one person ramble on about the music she loves could get tedious so I managed to badger Haathi, a fantastic blogger, cook, writer, foodie and fellow music junkie into helping me out along the way. So here it is, something the both of us agree upon strongly but only she can articulate so well. Enjoy!

Why Coke Studio Pakistan will always kick ass

So much has been said about Coke Studio Pakistan vs Coke Studio India. Let’s keep the politics and the hate out of it and focus on the music for a change shall we? Because for me, it isn’t about which nation is better, or which musicians are better, or who rocks harder. To me it is about the music. Period. I know I’m not alone when I say that musically, Coke Studio Pakistan touches you deeper. It transports you to a place you don’t want to return from. And here’s why: it does that with simplicity.

Have you ever been transported to a happy place by a single song? This track did that for me. On a particularly sombre, grey day, it hit me like a bolt out of the blue and stayed on loop for close to 72 hours.

Why? Well, essentially because of the tastefully blended music. I don’t know what the folks at Coke Studio Pakistan eat, or do different in life, but they have just nailed the art of simple instrumentation. Every last micro-tone, every mini-beat, every bar, is there, right where it needs to be. Not a speck more, or less. Its tight, its subtle when it has to be, its in your face when the track needs it. It’s strong, simple and doesn’t need the crutch of over-jazzified orchestation to pull it through to the end.

If every track is a story, Coke Studio Pakistan tells it simply. Perfectly tuneful vocals, refreshing, intelligent, uber-creative collaborations, music — for the sake of music. Without the unnecessary glamour and promotion of half-assed, half-talented people whose musicality is seriously questionable, but true artists. Who are most often simple people, but musical giants. Take Tahir Mithu, for instance. His every pore breathes music. One look at this video and you can tell, the man lives, breathes, eats, sleeps music. And that’s the kind of passion that has the power to transport you to raptures in an instant. Watching him sit there, exuding such simplicity, passion and togetherness for what he does, just blew me. There he is, without a care in the world, for the fancy house band, the hot backing vocal girls, or the busy strobes whirring around him. His stance speaks confidence, speaks Im-here-to-sing, and Im-loving-every-minute-of-this.

I’m a sucker for simplicity. I’m a sucker for honesty. And I’m a sucker for love songs. If you want to know what I mean, watch the rest of the episode here Tahir Mithu is a rock star, and they just don’t make ‘em like him anymore.

So if I had to choose, I know Coke Studio hits the spot for me. Because everyone is there for a reason. To make good music. And nothing else. Move over Coke Studio India. There’s more to fusion than awkwardly pairing the likes of Rajasthani folk artists with punk rockers who do nothing but merge unnecessarily heavy bass lines, and overlap them with excessive instrumentation. What that is is noise. So if you’re looking for the music, our neighbours from Pakistan still kick fine ass.


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