Sometime earlier this week Shilo and I took a short ride to say goodbye to a friend. Somewhere between balancing an iPad, JamBox and bag I caught bits and pieces of Rain Smell by Baths.

Will Wiesenfield’s music intrigues me. The logical bit of my brain tells me that this vast mix of sound samples and vocal loops cannot possibly come together or make sense and yet something inside me responds. It almost feels like you can never actually listen to the same song twice. His Debut album Cerulean is in no way easy to listen to. Each song is an experience. I barely made it through the first time but its sort of like visiting a friend you haven’t met in decades. You know you could probably categorize it as chillwave except things don’t quite seem to fit. Pleasantly unsettling perhaps? His Glitchy samples and ethereal piano loops have charmed me into spending the next few weeks getting comfortable and finding my spot in his ambient, electro wonderland.

The two that I enjoy the most are Rain Smell, from the album Cerulean and The Vapors from his newer album Pop music/False B-Sides. Both mellow tracks leaving you wanting more.


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