Discovering Sandunes on Wild City was a serious highlight to my eternal forage for interesting music. Her hypnotic take on all things stemming from the UK underground keeps you going for hours! At some point during the week she agreed to my asking her some questions for the blog so here it is, the second ever interview: Sidewaystosound presents, Sandunes.

When you start a new project is it usually something you listen to that influences you or something that happens in your head?
When I start a new project on my DAW, its usually because I’m sick of the one I’m working on (!) Either that, or something I listen to- triggers something in my head, and then I decide to try and make some sense out of some new sounds. the more I muck around, the more I get to know my tools, so I usually just fiddle around until something interesting comes up.

Did playing the keys for Something Relevent and the Bollywood scene influence what you do today?
I played with a whole bunch of bands, and yes- it definitely contributed to my concept of sound(s) and my approach to music production as a whole. It was a big part of my college life, and helped me feel comfortable being on stage/ performing in front of people.

What was the one Uk underground experience that took you over to the other side?
The one very special experience was at a Gilles Peterson ‘Worldwide Awards’ gig
I had a bit of an epiphany at this gig watching some amazing talent- from jazz bands to DJs- and loads of super creative, hybrid acts. I sort of realised where I wanted to take my sound, and what I wanted to do with it on stage- so it pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Whats it like collaborating with someone live? Especially with a vocalist! Isn’t it hard trying to sync sounds?
Its so much fun! I’m not a straight up DJ anyway, so the more live stuff I have to play with, the more dynamic the set sounds. I’ve accompanied vocalists with live keys at smaller, organic, opening sets several times in the past- so this isn’t too different.

Whats it like being one of the only women in India doing this? Does it matter?
Nah, I don’t think it matters at all. If your music sounds good, and you can keep your dance floor active, I’m sure you’ll be alright (man/woman/dog)

With so much going on in the electronic music scene how do you keep track?
You simply don’t. There’s SO much music (especially electronica) out there these days, and although a lot of it is pretty bad, there’s a whole lot that’s pretty damn good. YouTube’s suggestion bar is a pretty good source.
I listen to a lot of mixes by good DJs and if I like a tune, I check to see who made it, and then explore that guy’s music further.

Where do you collect your samples from? Are there any specific genres you are drawn to when you’re out hunting?
I honestly collect samples from people who are willing to share. I record a bunch of random sounds on my field recorder and make a few on NI’s Reaktor which often come in handy as well. I look for sounds that sound good- genres don’t really matter when you’re choosing samples (I think), but I’d probably be more drawn to an ‘Old school garage’ sample pack over a ‘House/Techo’ one.

So tell me a little bit about your obsession with synths.
Being someone who’s played piano since the age of 7, discovering synthesizers and wrapping my head around the working of one was probably one of my biggest learnings in music(and hardware) yet. I love fiddling around and trying to get the right sounds out of them. My soft-favourites at the moment are Arturia’s Minimoog and NI’s Massive. Dream Synth to own would be Dave Smith’s Prophet- Just can’t wait to have one of my own!

There is a new EP out this month isn’t there?
‘Cool Beans’ is coming out on Vital Sines Music on the 9th of November. This was actually produced before Temper Tonic, but since I managed to get a legit release, I put Temper Tonic out first. It’s a 3 track release- I’m really excited about it since I spent a lot more time on this one and feel more connected to these tracks.

Apart from the fantastic mix for Wild City some of my favourites are the bass/future garage mix and her live performance: Rabbit Hole feat. Billie Fountain. If you like what you’re listening to (shame on you if you don’t) there’s more here. For all us lucky folk in India she performs live all the time so check out her gig calendar and follow her facebook page. Hopefully at some point the midnight deadline will be ignored and we  will see her in Bangalore soon. Until then sit back, watch the rain and have a listen.


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