Emily and the Woods

My first introduction to Emily and the Woods came through a day spent going through the watchlistentell playlists. Since I was working at the time it didn’t occur to me to actually look at the videos but her clear vocals and slight trill stayed with me. This of course lead to an hour or so hysterically re listening to everything until I found her. Her mellow sound has a way of comfortably settling on you allowing you to savour her sound on your own time.

When asked to do an interview I had one of the most enthusiastic replies I’ve ever had to a request like this and so here we are: Emily and the Woods for sideways to sound.

Whats it like being part of a family band?
I really enjoy spending time with my brother, and we can be very honest with each other!

When did you begin composing? Do you remember the first song you wrote?
No, I can’t actually remember the first song I wrote! I started making little songs up when I was a child though and it just grew when I began playing the guitar.

I was introduced to your music through watchlistentell and eventually came to find that you are in so many live channels: location music tv, To kill a king, shed sessions etc. What’s it like performing for them?
I really enjoy doing acoustic sessions. It’s such a nice way to convey a really intimate atmosphere to a potentially wide audience! And they are always really good fun!

How important is collaborating with other artists? You seem to do a lot of it!
I think it’s important as there are some really inspiring artists out there!

A whole lot of EPs and no albums?
Haha… yep. Keep your eyes peeled. There’s a lot more music on the way!!

Your EP covers are really lovely by the way do you paint and illustrate all of them yourself?
Thank you! I did the first, my friend Sophie Milner did the second and Zoe Barker has done the art work for my recent song, Small Song which is now available as a free download.

What was it like making steal his heart?
SO MUCH FUN!! Sam (director) and I have been friends since we were kids and we just had a brilliant time coming up with a story! We planned then just got together one weekend and filmed!

(I’m not quite sure how to frame this one but I really want to ask it so) You’re part of a new wave of indie that’s gathering steam pretty quick with people like Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, Lucy Rose etc. What’s it like?
There’s a nice atmosphere in music at the moment; lots of warmth and people are very encouraging.

What are you currently listening to/obsessing over?
Paul Thomas Saunders is amazing.

I do know there is a new EP out later this week. Tell us a little more about it.
I’ve put out a new song, which I wrote in a travelodge in Leeds in April! It’s very short and just me and a guitar, so it felt right to release as a free download. It feels quite separate from what I’ve been working on with the band! Download it for free from our website.

The EP is fantastic and if you’re reading this you must download it, however, since I can’t embed it into the post just yet I have put up one of my personal favourites. Emily and the Woods presents Doorstep for Location Music TV. Enjoy.


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