Haathi Time for Sideways to Sound.

Have you ever had the perfect song play out as you watch the night set in? The darkness unfurling itself, enveloping everything within its embrace, almost in synchronised splendour as an orchestra plays out before you? With the sky turning a deep cobalt, and getting inkier still with every strum, even strain, every string, until pretty soon it is a vast mast of black nothingness. The song comes to a fitting and gentle end, as the last drops of light vanish. Darkness takes over and blinded, you’re left with the fading tune peters out, clear as crystal.


Try this (if you haven’t already encountered it, because I understand it has gone massively viral, and I am always late to pick up on these things).

There is a faint smell of firecrackers in the air. A few stars, in an otherwise inky sky. A noticeable draft hits my face every now and then. Breezy, cool and peaced out with a song in my head, this is a good place to be on a night like this.

I have always believed that true music no matter what language or background it comes from, if performed with honesty and sincerity, has the power to touch you in ways that you cannot explain in words. Its happened before. When a song has lyrics that make close to no sense to me, and yet has given me a surge of goosebumps, or instant tears welling up in my eyes, or a mad  grin and an uncontainable jig. Nenjukulle is yet another example. I have no clue what the song is about, but I have listened to it on loop for a few days, and every time Shaktisree Gopalan’s crystal clear, clean voice cuts through me like a fresh blow. Every time. Maybe its her sincere, sweet face. Maybe its her perfectly blissed out and I’m-enjoying-this-moment-completely demeanour. Maybe its how every perfect note is in its place. Maybe its the coming together of a beautifully balanced track. Maybe its the breath of fresh air that is her voice, but I am sort of hooked to this song, to a point where one might think I am in love with her. Its on loop and I cannot get myself to turn it off. A R Rahman has done it again. Found an unbridled, lovely voice, given her a beautiful track to play with and set her free.

Its that kind of night. Wintery, musical, black, peaceful. And I don’t want the song to stop. Much like I don’t want this night to end.

PS: I’m totally digging her sexy orange shoes too. Uff, what a complete package. Sweet face, big bright eyes, sincere talent, sexy shoes. And that dream-like voice.

Okay, I’m done now. Go listen.


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