Lover to Lover

Just when you think you have let Florence and the Machine shift into nostalgia you get slapped awake by the new video to Lover to Lover.

I remember Ceremonials as an eternal crescendo of sorts.  The first time I listened to its raw, powerful and dramatic sound the album left me exhausted. Every now and then I would go back to it for a kick-start to the day or a significant decision I was about to make in my otherwise mundane life but it never quite got me obsessing over it. Revisiting it made me realise that I never disliked the album; It was just too much energy and emotion for me to handle at one go.

Seeing Florence Welch take on a part in the new video got me extremely excited, not to mention Ben Mendelsohn. I didn’t really know what to expect. As Vincent Haycock so aptly put it in an interview for Nowness:“It was exciting to take someone who’s built such an iconic visual style, with the floaty dresses and distinct look of her videos, and do something really different.”  Ben Mendelsohn

The videos gritty, vintage imagery paired with this powerhouse of a song makes it a beautiful fit. Enjoy.



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