We Could Be Dreaming


Turn your groove on ladies and gents for Something Relevant has their second studio album: We could be dreaming out for sale. Their sound is a tribute to all the old school R&B, funk and Jazz you listened to back in the day with just a little bit of a twist.

If they haven’t got you on your feet with their great musical arrangements you will probably be laughing thanks to some hilarious lyrics. Songs like Matters of state and just another heartbreak are sarcastic, funny and well almost a little ridiculous. It’s high time someone came out with an album that has a                sense of humour.

I do however believe that if they are in your bit of town performing you must catch them live. Their stage presence is fantastic and their sound miles better than the studio recordings. If you don’t like the genre they will probably charm you into submission anyway.If you do like what you hear I have a feeling you’re going to end up standing amongst people grinning like an idiot because the songs are stuck in your head. (don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

So there you have it: For 200 rupees you have your cure to the Monday morning blues, something to make you look cool and of course a great addition to your otherwise non existent Indian funk/jazz/R&B collection. You can download the album here.

To give you a little taste of whats in store I found a great live version of one of my favourite songs of the album: Groovy sense of timing. Enjoy!


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