“I’m genuine. Alla this,” waving his hand about, casually dismissing the rock star lifestyle we’d just spent the past two hours ruminating on; he shrugged indicating a take-it-or-leave-it attitude; “…it’s all about the music.”

~Jesse Schmitt inerviews Fink~

My introduction to Fink remains a mystery. All I know is his music is now a part of my life. Comfortable almost, like an old T shirt you can’t get yourself to throw away. Most of us here at home now know him from the Dewarists but Fin Greenalls mellow sound has kept me company for a while now.

What’s interesting about him is that his electro influences from his first introductions into the music scene as a Dj haven’t all been lost. It may sound absurd but there are times when if you listen hard enough you here an acoustic version of what could possible be an ambient electro or trip hop track. His evolution from his First album: Fresh Produce to his latest album Perfect darkness show him growing smoothly into his stripped down sound. I have never felt the lack of musical arrangement or instruments. Somehow everything seems to fit seamlessly; musical minimalism at its best perhaps?

First up we have Pretty little thing. A song from his second album Biscuits for Breakfast. It is one of the songs that got the music scene to sit up and pay attention and also one of my favourites by far.

Second we have a song from his latest album: Perfect Darkness called honesty. It’s darker and more haunting and like all his music, hypnotic.

If you’re in Bangalore (or India for that matter) Fink is playing on the 15th of December at the Nh7 Weekender. The line up for the festival is fabulous so hurry on now and book your tickets here!



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