The end…not quite

Writing the last blog post of the year is possibly the hardest thing one can do. Especially since I have nothing to rant about. Yes, the year has had some real lows. People I care about have shifted back to their respective continents, I’ve had to let go of princess palace and quite my job. Some how  though I realised that things are finally falling into place. They might not be moving as fast as I had hoped but they are moving and that’s always a good sign.

For starters we have all this incredible music and honestly, that’s what makes a good year. Sideways to Sound says cheers. Here’s to more music, festivals, interviews and all things sound. New years celebrations started at the airport with Prashant Miranda on guitars.


The rest will take place in a little piece of heaven more commonly known as quelleachy gally. Family, friends and all sorts of mentals. What more could one ask for?

quelleachy gully

So we say goodbye to this and hello to the next with ‘music from your imaginary friend’. Slow Magic presents music. Cheers!


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