Laura Mvula

There is no better way to start the year than to find a great list from BBC on the sounds of 2013. On finding AlunaGeorge and Angel Haze I decided to look further only to stumble upon Laura Mvula.

Only a year ago Mvula worked on the reception desk for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Being near music were what she needed though her heart was telling her something else.

“I was extremely depressed by the fact I knew I wanted to do music but I couldn’t afford to. A few major people came through those doors, from concert hall conductors to composers. Sometimes they would engage in conversation with me; they’d say, ‘wow, you write music?’ – I lived for those moments.”

Only a few months later, soon after graduating to Garage Band her ‘sound sketches’ began to work their way into the music world. Despite her objections to being compared to the likes of Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse there isn’t any other way to describe the quality of her vocals. Using heavy Jazz influences with a Caribbean twist Mvula gives a fresh take on something one could only describe as a classic sound.

Voices like hers give me faith that no matter where music trends take us there will always be space for this rich, stripped sound complete with all its imperfections.This ‘Geeky Kid of R&B’ is here to stay.

First we have Green Garden. (To watch it live for the BBC sessions click here.)

Second, we have Mvula preforming She for The Hunger TV.


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