Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas is a powerhouse. Walking into the music scene a few years ago her beautiful, husky vocals with its vibrato endings have us all firmly in her grasp.

My journey with Lianne started with a Maya Jane Coles mix of her first EP: Lost and found. A month later she released a live EP: Live in LA which opened up a new, more versatile side to her. Needless to say the expectations for her new album: Is Your Love Big Enough were incredibly high.

Despite it having being named the iTunes Album of the Year it has disappointed me just a little. Moving from the hard hitting vocals of forget to the breezy quality of age; The progression of the album doesn’t quite make sense. It may not be an album I will listen to from start to finish but the songs in themselves are lovely. The deluxe edition with the Solos in Paris has some beautiful renditions of the songs. It maybe a personal Bias but the stripped down Lianne seems more real. It almost feels like she needs a little more time to grow into her sound. All said and done she will always be a favourite.

Both Songs I have put up today are from the EP Live in LA. They are also on her album. You can download it for free here!


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