If You Leave

“Setting fire to our insides, for fun.”

The long wait for the london trio, Daughter to release their newest album is finally over. Post the success of Youth, Smother and a number of fabulous singles this album has a lot of expectations to live up to and it has. Elena tonra’s whisper like vocals and the strong electric guitar lines take you on a journey into the darker bits of your mind. The very first song, Winter sets the powerful soul clenching mood to the album.

Working its way through the more familiar sounds of Smother and Youth the album hits it darkest with Lifeforms. You’re left feeling cold and exposed clinging on to the beautiful riffs guitarist Igor Haefeli seems to lose himself in. All is not lost though. The mood does pick up with Human leaving you almost reassured. It leaves you with a little breathing space from the constant barrage of darkness. The album ends with Shallows. A song that is almost tender in its sound. Though there isn’t any respite from the hard hitting lyrics it does leave you off gently.

If You Leave was produced by Rodaidh McDonald, who also worked with XX on their debut album. While it does border on being a little angsty, the power and ambient lay down of the tracks keep it from sinking into the depths of a hormonal teenagers tormented soul. Something about it displays a maturity beyond its years. It does however lead to an interesting observation. Not all albums need to leave one feeling content or warm. Sometimes it feels good to be stripped bare and confronted by your own demons. Emotionally wrung out and exhausted I can’t help but want to listen to more.


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