Wasting My Young Years

London Grammar has held the top spot in my top played songs for a few months with Hey Now only for me to realise I haven’t been paying any attention to the fact that they now have more to share. Wasting My Young Years is dangerously close to sounding like something Florence and the Machine would do; Which is what makes its Star Slinger remix more attractive. It flows beautifully weaving Hannah’s ethereal vocals into a great rhythm section. Nevertheless one cannot completely dismiss the original for it does have a certain quality to it (not to mention a great music video). So here it is: Two versions of a beautiful song best left for a rainy day.



  1. sp

    hola ! i came across london grammer on your blog and theyre amazing .the posts are really nice and very well written so much so that its starting to become a regular on my ‘music blogs to see’ list . there is this brilliant band called wild beasts if you check it out i think you might like them .

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