Brick + Mortar

“No matter how trapped you are, your imagination helps you escape, “A little drop of dreams can go so far.”

Sometimes there is a reason you procrastinate a post. Since holding back on a band like Brick + Mortar is an unthinkable act, I am going to use the launch of their EP Bangs tonight as my excuse.

My first taste of this New Jersey duo was a stripped back version of a song called heatstroke. The abrasive vocals and sheer raw intensity of their sound had me from the first bar.

Their remixed version of Move to the ocean came next. While heatstroke will always be a favourite, this song has been played to death. The perfectly balanced mix leaves you with a hard hitting single you will never let go of.

After a long and uncomfortable silence, the past few weeks have been abuzz with the release of singles from their new EP. The twinge of doubt that comes when you realise they may not live up to your expectations left as soon as they arrived. Their ‘brash, gritty, whip-smart sound’ remains a force to be reckoned with. While we could be called the electro generation, sometimes all one need is an honest return to Rock and Roll.


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