Radio silence

When you spend nearly a week in some sort of a waking dream its extremely hard to walk into work and hit the ground running. 

Which leads me to the topic of surreal holidays. This long weekend lead me to Hampi. When you are completely cut off from the world surrounded by thousands of years of history something changes inside. This bizarre desert spotted with lush green rice fields and decaying architecture made me think about how sometimes we forget things around us that are tangible. Being cut off and unplugged from the rest of the world awoke my sense of touch. It was like having your sinuses clear after almost a year, even the filthiest smells seem exhilarating.

Four days with fabulous company discovering ruins, rock climbing, endless conversations and great south indian food don’t seem enough. 

Getting into work only to contemplate your next holiday is just wrong; So I have decided to put an end to all the sulking with this video. 

It’s a music video of sorts beautifully crafted by Natalia Dufraisse and Flip Piskorzynski. The perfect thing to stumble upon on your post holiday blues. Thanks Ria

The epic finale to my tantrum. Gravity. enjoy



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